Bugaboo Donkey2 vs. Donkey3

Bugaboo Donkey2 vs. Donkey3

Posted by Active Baby on 2020 Jul 12th

When we compare different strollers, we will often look at different manufacturers to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to look at how a particular model evol … read more
What’s the difference between Bugaboo strollers?

What’s the difference between Bugaboo strollers?

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2018 Jun 22nd

You’ve been looking for a stroller and have finally settled on a Bugaboo. But after finally settling on a brand, you are now looking at the different options that Bugaboo provides. Do you go for th … read more

We are now officially one of Three Bugaboo Service Centres in Canada!

Posted by Active Baby on 2017 Nov 9th

Strollers sure do take a lot of abuse. Aside from being smeared with applesauce and saliva-soaked animal crackers, they get hauled up and down stairs, lugged across potholes, and dragged thou … read more

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