Baby Sunscreen

Find The Best Baby Sunscreen in Canada For Your Infant This Summer

Before you hit the beach with your little one, make sure you have a decent sunblock for their sensitive skin. Sun protection is no joke especially at their early stage in life. But with all the harmful chemicals out there, you need a natural baby sunscreen.

Active Baby sources only the best baby sunscreen to give you unbeatable quality from our online Canada store.

All of our sunscreens are safe for babies and are designed to protect your baby's skin from harsh and harmful UV rays during the summer.

Can children under six months use sunscreen?

It's not recommended to use sunscreen for children under 6 months. Instead, as a parent you're better off keeping your infant safe from the sun by using shade and protective baby clothing.

What SPF should you use for kids and babies?

We recommend experimenting with various SPF levels so you can get a better idea of what works best for your infant or child. It's also recommended that you don't use any sunscreen with an SPF lower than 15. Try to combine sunscreen with shade and protective clothing for maximal sun protection.

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