Stroll in style with 2017 Uppababy Vista

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2017 Sep 22nd

Choosing just the right stroller for you and your new baby can be one of the most important – and vexing – choices you make as a new parent. With so many options on the market these days, is it any surprise that most parents feel utterly overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a stroller?

Dodge the unnecessary stress and invest in the hottest stroller of the year:  the 2017 Uppababy Vista. Available now at Active Baby, the premium baby store with two locations in the Lower Mainland, this functional – and stylish – stroller will definitely keep both you and your newborn happy throughout those memorable first years.

From baby’s first words to baby’s first steps, this is the stroller that will last you throughout all of the baby years and longer. That means you can forget about having to buy another stroller in a few months because you won’t have to, and further, you won’t want to with this full size, lavish stroller.

Although it may be a bit of an investment to buy an Uppababy Vista stroller at the outset, it is one that pays off, figuratively and literally. Besides the maximum comfort your baby will experience in the specially-designed rumble seat, you may actually end up saving money with this stroller. Many parents who try to save on their first stroller oftenend up spending more overall because their stroller keeps having to be replaced.

Luckily, this Uppababy Vista stroller has everything you’d ever want or need. Its sleek look is matched by its intelligent design. Lauded for its leather accents, big wheels that can take on bumpy terrain andits ability to drive – single-handedly – like a dream, it is no wonder the Uppababy Vista has been acclaimed as the hottest and most functional stroller to date. Easy to assemble, the design also enables the Uppababy Vista to grow with your family, with the potential to transform into a two- and three-seat stroller, if needed.

This model features all new woven sunshade material that offers 50 SPF while maintaining its smooth exterior. Whether it’s a leather handle cover and bumper bar for mom and dad or a rain and bug shield for baby, you both deserve the luxury and comfort of the 2017 Uppababy Vista.

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