Double Strollers

Whether you have twins or two young kids of different ages, a double stroller is definitely worth it. We carry a range of double strollers to fit your lifestyle from brands such as: Bugaboo, Thule and Uppababy.

Looking for the Best Double Strollers in Canada? 

Double strollers are perfect for growing families and are made to easily accommodate multiple children. Some of the best double strollers even allow for customizable seat adjustments for either child!

Find a double stroller in Canada that's ideal for your family’s lifestyle with our large selection available here at Active Baby!

Our double strollers come available in brands such as Bugaboo, Valco, and Thule. Perfect for parents who have twins or who have had children close together, you can find everything you need at Active Baby.

Browse our double stroller collection today.

We also carry a wide range of standard strollers as well as off-road strollers, compact strollers, and stroller accessories.

Is it worth having two strollers?

Most families are better off getting a double stroller. These make it easier to cart your children around and you’re not having to worry about dealing with two separate strollers.

What age are double strollers for?

You can use double strollers for your kids between six months and up to three years old. It's a good idea to check the product features or instructions to make sure that your child will fit in any of the affordable double strollers you're interested in.

What type of double stroller is the best?

It's hard to recommend a specific stroller as the best double stroller for most people. With so many different options to choose from, all of which have their own features, we recommend looking through our list of double strollers and finding the best one that suits your needs.

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