​Clek Foonf & Fllo vs. Diono Ranier & Radian RXT. Which one is for you?

2016 Oct 19th

When having a baby, there’s so many different important things that need to be considered in order for your baby to stay safe. One important items that you’ll need to get is a car seat. However, with so many different ones on the market it can be hard for you to choose the one that’s going to be best suited to your baby’s needs and your driving. For those searching for a good car seat, here’s a guide to Clek Foonf, Clek Fllo, Diono Ranier and Diono Radian RXT car seats and what each one can offer you. Let’s get started.

Clek Foonf Car Seat

The Clek Foonf is an impressive car seat that is able to offer many benefits for your baby when installed in the vehicle. This car seat is also convertible in design and offers two different configurations forward facing and rear facing.

One of the stand out points of the Clek Foonf car seat is that it allows for rear facing of your baby for a lot longer than most other car seats on the market. This ensures your baby’s safety at all times. For rear facing your child can be between 14-50lbs and 25-43” in height. For the forward-facing position your child should be between 20-65lbs and have a height of 30-49”.

The harness straps have been improved from other car seats to offer stronger and sturdier securing of the child. The padding of the seat is soft but firm and provides comfortable sitting for your child. When rear facing, it features an anti-rebound bar that helps to absorb some of the impact of a crash with minimal rotation and rebound motion of the seat.

Clek Fllo Car Seat

The Clek Fllo car seat is another car seat that doesn’t disappoint. While it may not be as well balanced as the Clek Foonf it still offers a number of advantages for parents and children while driving. This car seat can be both in the rear facing and forward facing positions. IT has an optional anti-rebound steel bar to reduce rebounds after a crash has occurred. For both facing positions there’s built-in lock-offs which helps to secure the seats position for your baby’s age and height. The rigid substructure is made from steel which helps to prevent twisting of the seat when in a crash. The headrest has been structurally made with steel rods for extra strength and features energy absorbing foam in the lining that helps to protect your baby’s head when in a crash. This car seat comes available in 8 colors to choose from and offers easy to clean materials for minimal stainiDiono Rainier Car Seat

The Diono Rainier car seat is another popular car seat which is able to provide safety for your child. This car seat features a full steel frame and reinforced aluminium sides that help to reduce buckling under a crash.

The head rest offers 12 positions and the sidewalls are lined with energy absorbing EPS foam for optimal protection. It can hold a child in the rear facing position until they reach 50lbs and can hold a child in the forward position up to 90lbs in weight with its 5-point harness.

This car seat sits generally low on the car seat which enables for improved safety in a crash and easy boarding of the child. The smaller design helps to save space on the backseat for passengers to fit in. The memory foam and infant body support cushions allow for added comfort each and every time. This seat comes with an angled cup holder and has a rubber bottom grip that minimizes slipping. It can be folded flat for easy travelling when needed.

Diono Radian RXT

The Diono Radian RXT is a great car seat that’s similar to the Rainier. This car seat can hold children up to 45lb in the rear facing position while holding children up to 80lbs in the forward-facing position. When your child is older it can convert into a booster seat for children up to 120lbs. The frame is made from full steel and features additional reinforced aluminium sides that help to promote safety when in the car. The seat offers high comfort with its body support cushions and memory foam. The foam within the sides of the car seat is energy absorbing EPS foam.

This car seat sits low to the ground which enables for easy boarding and more stability during a crash. It doesn’t slip with its rubber bottom grips and offers an adjustable 12-position headrest for comfortable positioning for your baby. For a more comfortable ride it comes with 3 buckle and 5 shoulder positions. This car seat can fit across mid-size vehicles and has the ability to fold flat for easy traveling.


As you can see there’s some differences between the Clek and the Diono baby car seats. The one you choose is determined on the age of your child, how often you’ll be traveling and what safety precautions you want. So which one are you going to choose?