Bugaboo Buffalo Vs UppaBaby Vista: Which One Should You Choose?

Posted by Active BabyActive Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2016 May 16th

In today’s world there are many different stroller options for parents to buy when their new buddle of joy comes into their life. Two of the major brands in the world that are popular today is Bugaboo and UppaBaby. Both these stroller brands provide great stroller options including the Bugaboo Buffalo and the UppaBaby Vista. However how do you know which one is the right choice for your individual needs? Here’s an expert guide on Bugaboo Buffalo vs Uppababy Vista strollers to give you an idea of the differences between the two. Let’s start with the Bugaboo Buffalo.

Bugaboo Buffalo

The design of the Bugaboo Buffalo offers three different things including a spacious design, increased versatility, and a robust frame. The Bugaboo Buffalo is specifically made for performing in all-terrain applications including concrete streets to tougher country trailers. The suspension on the Buffalo offers a smooth ride even on the roughest terrain.

Along with it’s all terrain design, it also provides multiple luggage options to suit busy lifestyles when shopping. It can handle up to 35kgs of additional weight in its compartments. The high and spacious seat of the Buffalo provides comfortable seating options for younger children to sleep or watch the world go by.

The age range for the Buffalo is from birth to 3 years with its convertible bassinet to seat option. For added safety the stroller has been fitted with a five-point harness to make sure any child is secure on each trip. This stroller can handle up to 23kgs of weight so it’s suitable for a long while as your child grows.

To make driving the stroller easy, it features 10’ swivel wheels on the front and an additional two 12” rear wheels that are filled with foam. For added sun safety for your child on the hotter days, the Bugaboo Buffalo also features an adjustable and expendable SPF 50+ sun canopy.

Complete with easy manoeuvring ability, the Bugaboo Buffalo is perfect for the first 3 years of your child’s life.

UppaBaby Vista

The UppaBaby Vista is another great stroller option which is said to offer some great features as well. The Uppababy Vista is more suited to street driving than all terrain driving but can provide a smooth ride when used in busy crowds.

The Vista is compatible with a Mesa car seat without the need for adapters. If you’re trying to fit, it with the Maxi Cosi or the Chico seats you will need additional adapters. This stroller offers a bassinet and toddler seat in two separate components.

This stroller can secure your child in with its five-point harness and offers comfortable seating with its aerated mattress. With the ability to carry up to 30 lbs of cargo weight in its large basket it’s perfect for a trip to the shops. The seat can hold up to 27.5lbs making it suitable from birth to three years of age.

For a smoother ride the wheels have been filled with foam for extra cushioning. Parents can also provide one hand recline operation of the seat to make it flat for comfortable laying for your child. The bassinet of this stroller has been tested for overnight sleeping. It also has an SPF 50+ sun protection canopy, however when pulled out it doesn’t cover as much of the child as the Buffalo does.

The handles of the Vista offer comfortable gripping, however they aren’t as long as the Bugaboo Buffalo either, which can be a problem for taller parents. The overall structure of the Vista is strong and it can handle vigorous daily tasks.


When it comes to choosing between the Bugaboo Buffalo or the UppaBaby Vista, it’s really all down to where you will be driving it. For use on rough road, country tracks, and city driving the Bugaboo Buffalo is the best option. For city driving only where you won’t be in too much sun, the UppaBaby is a great choice for parents. So which stroller do you think you’ll go for? 

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