Winter Boot Buying Guide

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2016 Oct 25th

These boots are made for walking - and crawling, playing in the snow, and whatever other mischief your kids get into outside. With so many great options on the market, it can be hard to pick just one, so we've put together this buying guide to help you pick the best winter boots for kids. Like your kids, they are all special in their own way, and it can feel impossible to play favourites. Here's what you need to know to make a decision:

Stonz Booties

winter boots for infants - Stonz Booties - Active Baby

These booties have a two-toggle system that keeps the cold out and the cute in. They are also eco-friendly, with a sole made from recycled materials. Your little ones will be able to explore the earth while protecting it. Slip resistant and waterproof, your kids won’t slide on water and the water won’t slide inside their boots. These durable boots are your best ecofriendly choice.

Baby Bogs

waterproof boots for babies and toddlers - Baby Bogs Boots - Active Baby

These have the 3 W’s covered – Waterproof, Washable and Warm. They have handles that make it easy for your kids to put them on themselves – encouraging self-sufficiency. You will also love the vibrant and unique patterns. Insulated and warm, these boots are best for promoting independence and style. Daycare and Preschool teachers will thank you!

Padraig Cottage Baby Slippers

wool and sheepskin slippers for infants and todlers - Padraig Cottage Baby Slippers - Active Baby

With these slippers, it’s what’s inside that counts. Lined with sheepskin, these pure wool booties promise warmth and softness, like the hearts of the small children who wear them. Tough leather soles help feet stay safe, while the booties are elastic enough to stay put. Dyed and crocheted by hand, these booties have a decidedly personal touch. These boots are best for babies in carriers.

Sorel Commander Snow Boots

These boots have serious “staying power” – with handy Velcro closures, your little ones feet stay dry and warm because these boots stay on! Sorel boots are slip resistant, wind-resistant and cold resistant. The wide opening makes getting them on easier for parents and independent kids. Made in Canada, these boots are rated for -32 degrees Celsius, making them the best at keeping the cold out.

MyMayu booties

knee high boots for toddlers and infants - MyMayu Booties - Active Baby

These knee high boots are sure to cut down on your laundry, no matter how big of a mud puddle your munchkin encounters. You can layer up with cozy fleece liners for colder weather, or wear the shells by themselves for warmer, wetter fun. Mymayu are sized for the pitter patter of the littlest feet, starting out with kids ages 9-12 months. These boots are durable and designed to hug ankles just tightly enough – the same way you hug your kids. Easily portable, with uppers that fit fold into the soles when not in use, these are an ideal space saving storage option. The height of the boots protects kids clothes and the rubber soles protect their toes making them best at keeping clothes clean.

Stonz Winter Bootz

slip resistant boots for infants and toddlers - Stonz Winter Bootz

These beauties feature double the slip resistance for double the winter fun. While they are lightweight, they are designed to withstand heavy snow. They are also waterproof, keeping feet safe from melting snow. Stonz Winter bootz are super cool but stand up against the super cold (down to -30) These boots are the  best at steadying little feet on the snow and ice.

With these tips, you can find the best winter boots for baby in no time, so they can get out and play no matter what weather or temperature you encounter. Check out our Winter Gear Guide to find everything you need to keep your kids warm from head to toe. Rain gear might be perfect for you during the fall and spring to.  A Muddy Buddy would go well with these boots for lots of splashing and playing. Enjoy the season with your little one!