Why Uppababy Vista Strollers Are the Popular Choice

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2019 Jul 13th

When you welcome a new baby into your life, there are certain things that you know you will need, such as a crib, changing tables, diapers, wipes, and clothes. Another item that is near the top of the list, is the stroller.

Your stroller lets you get out of the house and start doing the things you like to do again, whether that’s shopping, going out with friends, or simply going for a walk or jog in the park. It also gives your baby their first real opportunity to start exploring the world outside your home.

Picking up a high-quality, dependable stroller is pretty much a necessity, but with the large number of makes and models on the market, choosing can be tough. Fortunately, Active Baby offers you the Uppababy Vista, making the decision easier for you.

Why Uppababy Vista?

The Uppababy Vista is a full-sized stroller that can do it all. Right from birth, your child can ride in the Vista’s included bassinet. Let baby rest completely flat in comfort and security as you run your errands or enjoy going for a walk. The included sunshade protects the little one from harsh sunlight, and if you need to, you can detach the bassinet with one hand to bring your sleeping infant with you wherever you may go.

As your little one grows, they can switch to the included Toddler seat. This comfy seat offers one-handed, multi- position recline so that your child can sit up, interact with others, and enjoy the view, or lay back comfortably and take a quick nap. You have the flexibility you need for your little one’s needs, and the sunshade (and height-adjustable canopy) continues to offer protection with an SPF 50+ rating, so you can take your time and enjoy the sun and fresh air. And if the sun ducks behind the clouds? Then you have the included rain shield to keep your little one dry.

Even better, the toddler seat can be configured to face forward so your little one can watch the world coming or face you while you push, giving the option of interacting with you.

It doesn’t end there. The Uppababy Vista is a full-sized stroller that can do it all. Once upon a time, strollers carried one child. Later, it was possible to accommodate two. The Vista, however, is a multitasking stroller, configurable for up to three children. Simply use the Rumble Seat accessory to bring a second child on your outing, and if that’s not enough, the Piggyback ride along board lets one older child join you.

If you are travelling farther than your feet will take you, the performance travel system lets the MESA infant car seat attach quickly and easily to your Uppababy Vista stroller, giving you even greater performance and convenience!

Speaking of convenience, we can’t overlook the extra-large basket, which allows you to bring everything you and your baby will need while out and about, and the fact that is so easy to access means that you won’t have to struggle with larger items.

At Active Baby, we are proud to offer the Uppababy Vista because we know it can satisfy all your needs for safety, security, convenience, and baby’s comfort.

When you need a stroller, think of Uppababy Vista, available at Active Baby!