What Are Some of the Accessories for UPPAbaby Vista Strollers

What Are Some of the Accessories for UPPAbaby Vista Strollers

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2019 Sep 10th

 You love your UPPAbaby Vista, and that’s understandable. We at Active Baby love it too because the Vista is a fantastic stroller that can adapt to all your needs, whether you are out and about shopping, going for a walk, or even jogging through the park.

But as great as the UPPAbaby Vista already is, what if you could make it even better? Well, that’s what accessories are for. What are some of the accessories that we love the most? Read on!

UPPABaby Vista Infant Snug Seat/Insert

When you are anxious to start using your UPPAbaby Vista without the bassinet, but your little one isn’t quite large enough for a stroller yet, the Snug Seat insert is here to help. Keep your baby’s neck and back stable, while also cuddling them in warmth and safety. Perfect for when you need the greater mobility provided by removing the bassinet, the Infant Insert is suitable for little ones up to 21 pounds.

UPPABaby Vista/Cruz Infant Snug Seat/Insert

UPPAbaby Ganoosh

On the topic of cuddly warmth, the UPPAbaby Ganoosh lets you stop worrying about cold weather, so you can bring your baby with you when temperatures dip as low as -29 Celsius. There’s a convenient hood that can go over baby’s head or roll back on cool days that aren’t too cold. Don’t let the weather interfere in your daily errands or even the simple desire to go out for a stroll.

Uppababy CozyGanoosh Footmuff

UPPAbaby Piggyback Ride Along Board

Do you have an older child accompanying you when you are out with your baby? Not a problem when you have the Ride Along Board. The UPPAbaby Piggyback Ride Along Board snaps onto the back legs of the stroller and lets big brother or big sister stand and hold on to the stroller while you push. And when they want to walk, it can also lift up and out of the way.

UppaBaby Piggyback Ride-Along for VISTA - later

UPPABaby Snack Tray for VISTA

As your little one grows, the UPPAbaby snack tray becomes a great addition because snacks are a must on almost every excursion! Deep enough to keep the food in the tray even on bumpy rides, you won’t have to worry about rough trails or uneven sidewalks.

UppaBaby Vista/Cruz Snack Tray

UppaBaby Vista Seat Liner

And while the snack tray does keep food in place, we all know that little ones do have a habit of spilling things. The UppaBaby Vista Seat Liner is there for you to help prevent stains and messes, and it is easy to remove and wash by hand. Breathable to help with ventilation, it also keeps your baby cool on warm days. This extra layer of protection is something you won’t regret having.

UppaBaby Vista/Cruz Seat Liner

Parent Organizer

While it’s wonderful to have so many great accessories available for your little one, sometimes it really helps to have something for yourself! The Parent organizer puts everything you need right where you need it, in an easily accessible spot on the handlebar in front of you. No more digging through the undercarriage basket or searching through your backpack or purse. Whether you need to grab your keys, make a phone call, or have a quick sip of water, the parent organizer is there to help.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Rain Shield

We’ve mentioned staying warm on cold days and staying cool on warm ones, but how about staying dry on rainy ones? That’s where the UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz Stroller Rain Shield comes in. Don’t let a little rain keep you indoors! When you need to get out and about, the rain shield has you—or at least your baby—covered!

UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz Stroller Rain Shield - all model years

The UPPAbaby Vista can do it all, and at Active Baby we are proud to carry this great stroller that can meet all your needs. Stop by today or visit us online to see for yourself just how much easier life can be with an Uppababy Vista!