Top 3 Features that make the 2018 Uppababy Vista Stroller a Winner!

Posted by Active BabyActive Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2018 Jan 13th

Woohoo, the 2018 Uppababy Vista Stroller will be released on January 31, 2018.

For all those trend setters, early adopters, and soon to be parents, this stroller is carrying a lot of excitement with its release date. Uppababy strollers have some stiff competition when it comes to standing out among the global baby stroller brands and we know why.

Uppababy strollers are one of the most popular baby stroller brands on the market today due to 3 main design features that have made Uppababy Vista stroller a globally well known brand now name now. So, what makes an Uppababy strollers so special?


Uppababy puts a lot of thought into their stroller designs because let’s face it parenting is hard work. Uppababy recognizes this and wants to help make parents life easier with extra accessories to carry additional children or storage options to add more flexibility to your daily errands.

The 2018 Uppababy Vista Stroller is specifically designed to grow with your family, and adapt to change. Whether that means moving twins around together from place to place with ease, caring for an older sibling needs that wants to stretch their independence and yet return to rest when necessary, or including a new friend that wants to join you on your daily outing. 

The flexible nature of the Vista Stroller fits two Uppababy Mesa infant car seats onto its frame or offers impressive designs feature to adapt to two toddler seats as well, PLUS a piggy back step for the third child to ride along in style. 

Expandable seat selections allow for the greater flexibility of two rear and forward facing positions to meet your immediate needs, reclining toddler seats, two MESA infant car seats, two bassinets, and countless other child seating combinations to fit your family’s lifestyle and day to day child transportation challenges.

Both the bassinet and toddler seat are completely interchangeable and requires no fabric swapping to reduce extra cargo. Parents will have the advantage of a 180-degree recline option with the use of only one hand to encourage naps and rests throughout the day.

With full size front and rear facing toddler seat options, your baby will have access to view, discover, and learn about all that their surroundings have to offer.

And of course yes, it does still fit through doorways and packs away neatly in a one step fold feature while still looking elegantly like a single stroller design. This stroller truly packs a punch of options to meet your daily parenting needs.

Weather Prepared for all your outdoor adventures

The thought and care of the 2018 Uppababy Vista Stroller extends into climate and weather conditions that you may experience year round, whether rain, sleet, or hot sun, this stroller is ready for your outings. 

The bassinet has a zip-out liner and the boot cover are both easy to remove, wash and put back on to the bassinet frame. The perforated mattress pad and vented base allow for added breathability, ventilated canopy, and extendable SPF 50+ sunshade that is adjustable to stop the suns rays at all angles of the day. 

The all-weather protection includes a toddler seat rain shield and bug shield to keep your young ones content from pest control and cool weather. 

Sturdy and Thoughtful Design

The sturdy design of the Uppababy 2018 Vista stroller effectively combines aluminum with magnesium for equally lightweight and durable performance. 

The Uppababy stroller performance travel system is compatible with the MESA Infant Car Seat offering a direct attachment and there are no adapters necessary to make this combination work. With an X-L basket that is easy to access and care for your baby the 30 Ib. weight limit offers security and comfort.

We all know parents want a stroller that can handle all the elements that we through at the stroller.  This includes sidewalks, bumpy roads, sandy beaches, narrow walkways, elevators and car trucks. With shock absorbing front and rear suspension this stroller absorbs all the bumps and wheel vibrations throughout its use. 

The one button telescoping handle bar will help you steer your vessel, I mean stroller like a champ. Turning with ease, park and stop with confidence.

Uppababy Vista Colour options

The 2018 Uppababy Vista Stroller has a wide array of colour choices to fit your personal preference. The Vista strollers can be indentified by 2 specific names in regards to the colour choices.

The Uppababy Vista Jordan is described as a grey tones, with calming tones of a cool mix of charcoal melange/silver/black leather.  View the Uppababy Vista grey stroller details now.

The Uppababy Vista Henry is described as a blue melange with silver compliments and saddle leather. View the  Uppababy Vista blue stroller details now.

The Uppababy Vista Jake is described as a cool black tones with black leather. See the details on the Uppababy Vista black stroller now.

The Uppababy Vista Emmett is described as a green melange with silver and saddle leather. View the Uppababy Vista green stroller details now.

The Uppababy Vista Denny is described as red with silver and complimenting black leather.  View the Uppababy Vista red stroller details now.

The Uppababy Vista Loic is described as a white with silver and black leather. View the Uppababy Vista white stroller now. This is an off white or cream coloured white stroller.

The Uppababy Vista Taylor is described as a indigo with silver and saddle leather. View Uppababy Vista silver stroller now

The Uppababy Vista carbon frame is sturdy and chic.  Arrive rolling into your destination in style. 

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