The Best UPPAbaby Stroller Accessories

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2018 Sep 20th

Have you bought an UPPAbaby stroller, and now you’re looking for some great accessories to add on? Well, first off, congratulations on choosing a great product, which will surely more than meet your expectations. Now comes the part that is perhaps even more fun as you choose some add-ons to make an already great product even better.

Here are our picks for some of the best baby travel accessories for strollers that you might want to consider.

UPPAbaby Seat Liner

Our little ones are wonderful, and a source of much pride and joy, but we also have to admit that they are pretty much synonymous with spills and stains. These things happen, but you probably want to keep your seat looking clean and neat as long as possible.

This breathable liner is ventilated to keep your little one cool on those warm, sunny days. Easily removable, it can be washed by hand and affords extra protection for you and your child.

UPPAbaby Parent Organizer

Having a parent organizer helps you keep everything you need with you, in handy reach. UPPAbaby actually has two models for you to choose from: The Parent Organizer is a bar that attaches to the handle, while the  Parent Organizer II is a polyester bag that hangs from the handlebar.

Never fumble around in a purse or backpack again. With the organizer, you can keep all the essentials that you will need right in front of you!

UPPAbaby Ganoosh

You don’t want to let those cold days keep you cooped up in the house, and with the Ganoosh, you don’t have to. The Ganoosh keeps baby warm on days as cold as -7 degrees (20 degrees F). 

Featuring a hood that can be rolled back, it can also be used on days that are cool, but not too cold.

UPPAbaby Snug Seat Insert

If your child isn’t quite ready for the stroller, but you don’t want to use the bassinet or car seat, the Snug Seat insert is for you!

Perfect for little ones from birth to 21 pounds, the Snug Seat Infant Insert keeps baby’s head and neck stable while also cuddling them and keeping them warm.

UPPAbaby Snack Tray

A great way to bring along something to munch on, the snack tray is deep enough to keep food in place—no spills during bumpy rides, quick turns, or abrupt stops. There is no need to ever remove it, as the stroller is able to fold, even with it attached

UPPAbaby Piggyback Ride Along Board

What do you do when your older child has outgrown the stroller, but you still have a little one in the seat? You use the  Piggyback Ride Along Board!

The handy accessory snaps on to the back legs of the stroller and allows your child to stand and hang on to the stroller while you push it along, and then flips up and out of the way when not in use.

UPPAbaby Lower/ Upper Adapters.

These adapters can convert your Vista into a double! The upper adapters raise the height of the toddler seat, infant car seat, or bassinet attached to the upper part of the Vista stroller, making room for a double, while the lower adapters will hold an infant car seat or a bassinet in the lower position.

UPPAbaby Rain Shield

Here is one accessory that no parent ever wants to be without!

The  UPPAbaby Rumbleseat Rain cover is the perfect add-on for those who don’t want to let a little rain keep them from heading outside. It is also perfect to keep on-hand for those unexpected rain showers!

Having the right accessories for your UPPAbaby stroller means that you will be ready to handle any situation as it arises!