The 3 must haves for your baby this summer

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2017 Jul 26th

There are a few must haves for your baby to make the hot days of summer comfortable for your baby and let's not forget you too! The summertime is the perfect season to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and warm temperatures. Let your baby see, smell and touch new things.  It is great for brain development as well as mom's sanity. Learn about the 3 must haves for your baby this summer to increase comfort and improve flexibility during your day.

  1. Transportation

A car seat for your baby is a must in Canada. You probably know that it is actually illegal to drive with a baby in the car without a car seat but did you know that car seats have an expiration date now?  It is 5 years.  Be sure to ask your baby store which car seats have long expiration dates on them as well as high quality safety standards. Popular car seat brands include:

To maximize the good weather in the summer months, a bike trailer is a fun way to travel around. Pull your baby to the park, the grocery store or to play groups. Your baby will be delighted to roll around town and enjoy the fresh air while mom pumps her legs and enjoys a little bit of exercise and freedom herself.

The Thule bike trailer is a popular, convenient, and safe bike trailer. This covered chariot bike trailer will protect your baby from wind, sun and rain so they can relax and enjoy the scenes around them. 

Let's not forget the stroller, its a must have for everyday use

When you purchase a stroller, try to imagine all the places that you would like to go.  If you are a runner then a baby jogger stroller is your perfect exercise equipment. A Thule stroller , Mountain Buggy Terrain, or Bugaboo are all versatile strollers for trails, the beach and sand, sidewalks, and walking paths. Your baby will love being outside and seeing all the objects go by. Shhhh, just remember this may turn into part of the scheduled nap routine for you LO.

If your not a runner, no problem find yourself a stroller that will fit your needs for the daily errands that you need to accomplish.  With the right stroller for you, you can easily pack your baby up, walk your local area, access the shops, the beach, and the park.

2. Summer essential baby accessories protect from the sun

  • The sunhat - use it everyday to protect your babies delicate skin and deter heat stroke
  • Swim diaper- so easy to use, forget about swimming with a real diaper that will just soak up the water. Simply use a reuseable swim diaper over and over again.
  • Kids Sunglasses - protect your babies sensitive eyes
  • OZone suit - protect your babies skin from the UV rays
  • Kids Wetsuit - if you plan on spending the day out in the sun and in the water, a wetsuit will keep them warm and relaxed.
  • A Sun umbrella - shade is key to a happy baby, whether that means snoozes in the stroller or under an umbrella. An umbrella can avoid sun burns and heat stroke just from the use of a little shade.
  • Baby sunscreen - when you baby has to be in direct sunlight.  Use a safe sunscreen free of harsh chemicals for your babies skin.

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3. Food & Beverages for your baby

Babies and toddlers need to be well hydrated during the summer months.  You can freeze water in a stainless steel baby bottle and use stainless steel food containers to hold snacks. Stainless steel is a safer way to hold food and drinks when you are on the go.  It is BPA free so you can rest assured that no chemical leaching is happening when the foods are hot or thawing.  

If you are breast feeding and want to save up breast milk, you probably do not want to bring along your breast pumps, you can use the stainless steel bottles to carry the milk if you feel the need when you are out and about. 

Babies bring such a joy to everyone they meet. They absolutely love to be outside to learn and see new experiences around them.  Enjoy the fresh air and warmth that summer brings. When you include these must haves items in your day, you increase the flexibility, joy, and comfort that summer can bring to your baby and you!