Summer Essentials For Your Baby

Summer Essentials For Your Baby

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2022 May 26th

It often feels as though summer takes forever to arrive, so when it does, you want to be ready to take full advantage of it. If you have gone through a long winter and rainy spring with a new baby, summer is going to be a welcome change, with the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the activities that you have been missing.

But just as winter outings required snowsuits, boots, mittens, warm hats, scarves, and so much more, summer also has its list of essential items that you will want to have on hand. The focus may be changing to warm weather goods, but you will find that you and your little one will enjoy your summertime adventures much more when you are properly equipped.

It can be easy to overlook some of the things we need for a happy, healthy summer with our babies. We know that cool, breathable clothes are good, but sometimes only realize we need something when it is conspicuous in its absence.

To help ensure that you are fully prepared for the coming months, here are some summer essentials for your baby:


Anti-UV Tent

Babymoov - Anti-Uv Marine Tent

Summertime means being out in the sun, but the sun’s rays can be harmful to delicate skin. This Anti-UV tent is the perfect solution, blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays. This means you can now enjoy a day in the park or at the beach without having to worry about sunburns. The tent pops open easily and folds back up just as fast. Weighing only 2 lbs, you can easily bring it anywhere, protecting your little one from the elements, bugs, and more.

Rash Guard

Jamie Kay Rash Vest - Abode Rose

While the anti-UV tent is a great way to protect your little one from the sun, if the whole point in being outdoors is to be outside, you probably don’t want them in the tent all the time, and toddlers aren’t likely to stay put, anyway.
In these cases, a rash guard top with a UVP rating of 50+ is a great choice.

Quick-Dry Hat

Jan & Jul Aqua Dry Bucket Hat- Shark

One of the indispensable accessories for your baby is a sun hat, but when they get wet, they can become uncomfortable and heavy. Having a quick-dry hat offers them protection from the sun without having to worry about it getting and staying wet.
UV protection at 50+ and a break-away clip on the chinstrap offer protection that you will appreciate.

Frozen Teethers

Who doesn’t love something cold for a little relief when it’s hot outside? Frozen teethers are an old standby to help soothe baby’s sore gums, but they are also great to have on hand when temperatures rise and baby gets hot.


Current Tyed "Sea" You On Top Floaties

When your little one reaches the toddler years and wants to hang out in the water, make sure you keep them safe with floaties. These swim aids are durable and comfortable, allowing your child (and you) to relax and enjoy swim time.


No day in the sun is complete without sunscreen, but baby’s skin requires something that not only blocks UVA and UVB rays but is also safe and gentle. Soothe and moisturize their skin while keeping them safe.

Beach Toys

What is a day at the beach without toys to help you dig in the sand and create fun shapes? Bringing a beach toy set is an essential part of any trip to the beach or playground sandbox. A mesh bag makes pick up and cleaning easy. Sand should stay at the beach, not come back home in your toys.

Swim Diapers

Iplay Snap Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper- Navy

Swim diapers are a must, but if you plan on spending a lot of time in the water, why buy disposable ones? Reusable swim diapers come in different styles, and over time they will help you save both money and the environment.

Hooded Towel

hooded towel is great for drying off when coming out of the water and for keeping warm. It also serves as a soft, comfy cover-up for when your little one has had enough sun.

Outdoor Blanket

Little Unicorn - 5X7 Outdoor Blanket - Midnight Poppy

Always have a place to sit and get comfy when you have an outdoor blanket. Whether you are sitting on the grass for a picnic lunch or relaxing on the sand, your outdoor blanket helps keep things clean and tidy.
For many, summer is the best season of the year and it’s the perfect time to introduce your baby or toddler to the sights, sounds, and fun of the great outdoors. Just remember to bring all your summer essentials!