Keeping the active baby safe at home and at play

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2017 Apr 14th

"Active babies are healthier and sleep better," says young mom and entrepreneur, July Lu.

July and her husband, Chen, own Active Baby, a unique store that caters to the active and outdoor lifestyle of young parents on the North Shore.

Along with all-terrain strollers and organic apparel, Active Baby offers items to help keep baby safe while active in the home.

"When you have an active baby in the house," July, now the mom of three young daughters, explains, "the time between around five months and two years-old is when the baby could hurt themselves through walking, falling, bumping into sharp corners and so on. It's important to childproof the house so that baby can be independent, but still stay safe."

Active Baby offers a complete range of safety products to help childproof the home. Consider these safety tips:

Kids on the move

When babies start to crawl or walk, they feel the sensation of independence. This is to be encouraged, except when the danger of stairs or a burning fireplace lurks around the corner. Active Baby offers a variety of safety gates to block off areas where you don't want your toddler to go.

Edge protectors can easily keep delicate heads from bumping against sharp corners when baby's on the move.

Kitchen safety

Kitchens are a fascinating place for babies. Who can't relate to opening a drawer and pulling out your own orchestra in the form of pots and pans? But not all cupboards and drawers contain safe items for a small child. Active Baby offers adhesive or magnetic drawer and cupboard locks, appliance locks, and electrical outlet caps.

"We also offer Childproofing Kits for new parents," July says. "Or it makes great safety essentials for grandparents to help childproof their home too."

Blocking access in the bathroom

Similarly, Active Baby has protective locks for bathroom cabinets and even a toilet lock for the toddler who thinks water looks like fun.

"Because we're parents ourselves," July says, "we try most of the products to make sure they offer the protection we want for our children and for those of our customers. Parents are concerned about having a safe house for baby and we want to help them make that happen."

For more information on Active Baby and their safety products, call 604.986.8977, check out the website, email, or visit the store location 1985 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver.

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