Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2020 Dec 2nd

This year has been challenging for many, but now with the holiday season nearly upon us, it’s time to have some fun with your little ones. Here are some of our top picks for unique and delightful gift giving!


What is the Kinderboard from Kinderfeets? At first glance, the obvious answer might be that it is simply a curved board. Like all the best childhood playthings, however, it goes far beyond appearances and becomes whatever you want it to be.

Made from Sustainable beech plywood, it is ostensibly a balance board. Your child can rock on it to develop their vestibular system and gain awareness of their body and movement. With a little imagination, however, it can be used as a play surface, a small desk, a rocker, a seesaw, a roof for a couch-cushion fort, or anything else your child desires. Your child will find a myriad of uses for it as it stimulates their creativity.

Candylab Toys’ Wooden Cars

Toy cars are a staple of childhood for many kids, but not all of them are as cool as these wood cars from Candylab Toys. While some other brands of toy cars are being made from progressively cheaper materials that seem not to last terribly long, these cars are ones that will be passed down through the generations. Your grandkids and their kids will still be playing with and enjoying them.

With bright colours and cool designs, don’t be surprised if they catch the eye of some adults you know. These are the kind of timeless, high-quality toys that become treasured collectibles.

Jellycat Plush Toys

Many of us had that one favourite stuffed animal as a kid. Maybe a teddy bear, maybe some other animal. Whatever it was, it was soft, cuddly, and a constant companion, and the memory of it often lingers into adulthood. Now it’s your child’s turn to make some memories of their own and what better way than to cuddle up with a Jellycat stuffed animal?

Snuggly soft and made to last, these are friends that will last a lifetime, possibly being handed down to another generation (if your grown kids will be able to part with them).

Whether you are looking for a classic teddy bear, an adorable puppy, an awesome octopus, or even a cuddly dragon, Jellycat has the right stuffed animal for your little one.


Looking for great toys, but also want to support an ethical and green toy company? Look no further than PlanToys.

With a variety of toys for babies through toddlers, including classic pull toys and doll houses, PlanToys not only inspires imaginative play, but they also promote environmental and social responsibility. Your kids can have a blast with the Plan Preschool Eco Recycling Game or explore Plan City Eco Town, while you can take satisfaction in knowing that you are supporting an environmentally-responsible company that still manages to maintain superior quality in its products.

Whether you are looking for educational toys, active toys, or something to stimulate your child’s musical interests, PlanToys has the right product for you.

Plan Toys - Creative Blocks

Prince Lionheart Ride-on Toys

Ride-on toys have come a long way over the years, and Prince Lionheart is leading the way with an assortment of adorable characters made from the highest-quality components. Colourful and soft, yet sturdy, these ride-ons feature multi-directional castors to provide unlimited freedom. No more getting stuck against obstacles while in pursuit of grand adventure! Built for smooth floors, they run quietly and roll easily. Covered in durable accident-resistant coverings and padded with soft sponge, your child stays safe and comfy while having fun.

Prince LionHeart Wheely bug Ladybug - Large

The only downside to these colourful and fun toys is that it’s so hard to choose just one! Whether your child fancies a ride on a tiger, a mouse, a ladybug, or even a cow, Prince Lionheart ride-on toys are sure to please!

Make this holiday season memorable with any of these high-quality, fun toys that will not only entertain you and your child, but last well into the next generation!