​Double Stroller Buying Guide

2016 Oct 26th

With many people having more than one child closer together in this day and age, it requires more planning when it comes to buying things such as a stroller. Strollers are beneficial and with the increase in having children closer together, double strollers are now a popular choice amongst parents. For those who are considering a double stroller, here’s a buyer’s guide on the different types of double strollers that would be perfect for young children or twins. Let’s start.

Uppababy Vista + Rumble Seat

The Uppababy Vista is a popular stroller that can become a double stroller when the rumble seat is attached. This stroller has the ability to be rear facing and forward facing with a recline ability for your children to sleep. This stroller offers comfortable padded seats and offers easy manoeuvrability when pushing the stroller for added convenience.

On the bottom of the stroller features a large and easy to access basket which has a large storage capacity that helps to hold your children’s toys, the diaper bag and anything else you may need to fit and take with you.

For a smoother ride, this stroller offers front and rear shock absorbing suspension that helps to prevent too much rockiness when traveling on bumpy roads or pavements. The foam core wheels reduce puncture problems to limit problems with having a flat tyre.

When folded, this stroller stands on its own and can be folded with the additional rumble seat attached for added time saving. The frame is constructed from aluminium and magnesium for a lightweight and more durable stroller. The rumble seat has a 5-point safety harness for added safety and security.

Thule Urban Glide Stroller

The Thule Urban Glide Stroller is a user-friendly stroller that is suitable for parents who are active. It features a lightweight and sleek design that helps for more aerodynamics when pushing it while jogging. On the front of the stroller features swivel wheels that enhance the manoeuvrability. These wheels can be locked into place when jogging on straight roads.

The handlebar is able to be positioned at different height levels for added comfort when holding onto the stroller. For a more comfortable ride the rear suspension provides shock absorbency, along with the padded seats it helps to keep your children comfortable at all times while riding in the stroller.

Underneath the stroller features a large storage compartment with the included zippered cover that’s water resistant. This helps to hold more items when jogging without having to carry anything. Over the top of the stroller features a multi-position canopy for added protection against the sun but still allows for you to see your child with the view in roof. It has a weight capacity of 100lbs and comes complete with a 5-point harness per seat for added safety.

City Mini Double

The City Mini Double is a great double stroller for those who want to have an easy in town experience with your children. This stroller is able to fit through a regular doorway and can be steered with one hand making for easy manoeuvring when you have your hands full. By simply lifting the straps, the stroller will fold and compact easily.

The auto-lock will also provide easy locking into position for additional storage and transportation. The seats of this double stroller are padded so they offer additional comfort for your children. The seats can also recline to an almost flat position to help your children sleep a lot better.

The included vents help to promote airflow when the weather cover is positioned over the top. This helps to keep your baby safe and dry all year round. For sun protection, the SPF 50+ sun canopy can open and close in a number of positions with a peek a boo window for easy viewing of your children while traveling. The front wheel suspension offers a smoother ride and can help when you’re traveling over bumpy areas.

Valco Snap Duo

The Valco Snap Duo is a great double stroller that only weighs up to 9.8kg. This stroller is able to fold compact and flat for easy storage or placing in the boot of the car. The two seats are positioned side by side and provides a comfortable seat that is great for long stroller trips. It’s designed to be easy to push with its easy manoeuvrability so you can get around town a lot faster.

Both of the seats offer a recline system which allows one child to sleep while the other one to be awake. This ensures your children get the rest they need while out and about. This stroller is compatible with the Maxi Cosi infant carrier, the Baby Love Snap’n Go baby carrier and the Safe-n-Sound unity carrier. This stroller is suitable for newborn twins and offers an auto fold locking system that helps to keep the stroller locked into position when folded.

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller is able to provide parents with a great stroller choice for those who have twins or who have children closer together. This stroller comes with a patented attachment that allows you to easily adjust the seats as needed when your family grows.With it’s Quick-Fold Technology, the stroller can fold down flat in one single step. It offers reversible seats that allow for you to face your children or have your children facing outwards. The seats recline for those times when your children need to sleep and offer up to 16 configurations overall.

The extendable handlebar helps to adjust to the user’s height while the large under-seat basket helps to keep all your items in it that you need for your children. The sun canopy offers SF50+ protection and has a peek-a-boo window in the top which enables you to see your child at any time during the ride.

To keep your children safe, it features an adjustable 5-point safety harness and shoulder pads that enable for optimal safety and security while using the stroller. Complete with front wheel suspension and ball bearings that are sealed, this stroller can offer a more comfortable and smoother ride overall with its included 12” forever-air rear wheels.


When it comes to buying a double stroller, there’s many on offer. As you can see by knowing the different features of each stroller you can easily buy one that’s to your advantage. So, are you ready to buy a stroller? Which one are you going to choose?