Brilliant Baby Stroller Hacks All Parents Need to Know

Brilliant Baby Stroller Hacks All Parents Need to Know

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2020 Feb 27th

Whether you’re off to the park or out for some shopping, carting kids around all day sure can be tough. Well, we’re about to change all that. Here are some super cool stroller hacks that’ll make traveling with your tots a breeze.

Create extra shopping space

Storage room—there never seems to be enough. No matter how big your stroller basket might be, you always seem to need more space. One of the handiest little hacks out there for the storage-challenged is a carabiner clip. They’re lightweight, strong, and practical. Just clip it on your baby stroller to lug those extra bags when you’re out and about.

Bring a bike lock

Thieves will snatch up anything they can get their hands on—including your baby stroller. Don’t make it easy for them. Securing your stroller with a bike lock will go a long way to ensuring your baby buggy will be right where you left it.

Secure that sippy cup

Toddlers just love to launch their sippy cups. Before you know it, you’re off to the store, yet again, to replace the last one your little one tossed out of the stroller. If you’re looking for a handy cost-saving cup hack, try tethering it to the stroller. You’ll never waste another dime on sippy cups again.

Keep baby cool

The Lower Mainland can get hot—like, crazy hot! So, if the weather is sticky and uncomfortable for you, you can bet it’s no picnic for your little one too. Attaching a clip-on fan to the handlebars is a great way to keep your baby cool in the summer heat. For extra relief in the warm weather, you can also place a cooling pad on your stroller’s seat.

Attach a luggage tag

There are a lot of baby strollers out there. And when you’re in a crowded theme park or beach, it can be tough telling them apart. A smart way to identify yours from the sea of strollers is to attach a luggage tag to it. It will make it easy to spot your stroller, as well as prevent others from taking your stroller by mistake.

Boost visibility at night

When it comes to the safety of your little one, you can never be too cautious, especially when the sun goes down. A cheap and easy way to increase visibility at night is to wrap some reflective tape around your stroller.

Hang your stroller up

We all want to make the most out of our living space. One way to do this is to hang up your stroller on a sturdy door hook. It’ll free up more space, plus you’ll always know where your stroller is at any time.

Do you have any baby stroller hacks? We’d love to hear them.

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