​Beco Gemini vs Ergo Baby Carrier

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2016 Oct 27th

On the market, there’s many different branded baby carriers that parents can use to keep their baby close. Two of the more popular baby carriers is the Beco baby carrier Gemini and the Ergo baby carrier Canada . When searching for the perfect one for your baby carrying needs, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of both to ensure that you spend your money on the one that’s going to be most valuable. Let’s have a look at the differences between the Ergo vs Beco Gemini baby carriers.

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Beco Gemini vs Ergo Baby Carrier: Which One Is Right For You?

At first glance these two carriers both have the same four carrying positions. These include:

●Forward/outward face

●Forward inward face

●Back inward face

●Hip inward face

These 4 different positions provide a number of benefits for parents and offers more versatility when positioning your child comfortably on you.

Weight Limits

When it comes to weight limits of your baby, they both offer slightly different options. The Ergo is able to carry a baby between 7-33lbs whilst the Beco Gemini can cater for babies a little larger with a weight carrying capacity of 7-35lbs. For the Ergo it will require an infant insert before placing the child in, the Beco on the other hand doesn’t require any form of insert.

Additional Features

One great thing about the Ergo carrier is that it has a sleeping hood or sun hood. This helps to reduce the risk of your baby having full sun exposure when you’re out walking. Another good thing that the Ergo has but the Beco doesn’t have is external pockets. The exterior of the carrier features additional pockets to allow for easy carrying of other items while taking your baby for a walk. The benefit of both carriers is that they’re both machine washable. This is perfect for demanding lifestyles, especially if you’ve spilt something or if your baby wets through.

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Weight and Waist Belt Sizes

Both carriers are manufactured from 100% cotton. This is ideal for promoting high breathability and ventilation for the baby to lower the risks of them getting too hot during the warmer days. The included waist belt on both offers different sizes. For smaller framed people the ergo can provide a belt that’s 26-55 inches. The Beco Gemini on the other hand is suitable for those who may be a little larger with a waist belt size of 27-59 inches. Both carriers offer a different weight. The Ergo comes with a 1.55lbs weight while the Beco Gemini is a little lighter with 1.3lbs.


Both baby carriers can provide sufficient benefits when carrying your baby on your back or on the front of you. When choosing one it all comes down to working out which features are better suited to your individual needs and lifestyle. So, which baby carrier did you decide to choose?