Bamboo Sleep Sacks

Bamboo Sleep Sacks

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Baby Store Online on 2022 Dec 28th

Much has been said about sleeping babies. Countless articles have been written on various topics like the amount of sleep needed, whether co-sleeping should be encouraged, the right position for baby to sleep, and more.

Another topic that is covered a little less often, but which is still important, is what your little one wears to sleep. 

Many parents fret about whether their child is too warm or too cool, wonder how to keep their baby comfortable without the suffocation risk of a blanket, and grow frustrated at the seeming inability of socks to stay on little feet.

This is where high quality bamboo sleep sacks such as Belan.J sleep bags come in. 

What Are Sleep Sacks?

If hearing the name sleep sack makes you think of the sleeping bags you might use while camping, you are not too far off. Much like a sleeping bag, it is essentially a large bag that your child will sleep in once they outgrow swaddling, or even from birth. Sometimes referred to as wearable blankets, they form a pouch around the baby’s legs and include openings for the little one’s arms and neck. Diaper changes are made simple with access via a zippered opening. 

Belan.J 2.5 TOG Sleep Bag - Fog

What Are the Benefits of Sleep Sacks?

Sleep sacks have become increasingly popular among parents of babies and toddlers alike and for good reason. Here are some of the main benefits of using a sleep sack:

  • They Help Regulate Temperature

 If you constantly worry about setting the temperature in your baby’s room to the right temperature, you can now relax. Sleep sacks help to regulate your baby’s temperature so that they are comfortable without being chilly or too warm, especially when made from a breathable material like bamboo rayon.

Sleep sacks also come with a helpful TOG rating to help you determine what your baby should be wearing at a given temperature.

Belan.J 2.5 TOG Sleep Bag - Foxes

  • It Helps to Keep Them Safe

It’s a very sad reality that some babies suffocate in their sleep when their breathing becomes obstructed. A blanket in the crib makes this a possibility as it can cover their face, or even become twisted around them. A sleep sack performs the same function as a blanket but does so in a much safer manner. 

It can even help protect toddlers by restricting their movement enough to keep them from throwing a leg over the railing and climbing out of their crib.

  • They Stay in Place 

As mentioned above, blankets in the crib can prove hazardous and so it is not recommended for your baby to have one until they are at least 12 months old. Once they are old enough to have one, there is still the problem of babies who fidget and move around. A sleep sack stays in place, eliminating the need to continually check on your little one and replace their blanket. 

  • It Reduces the Startle Reflex

 During the months preceding birth, your baby becomes accustomed to being curled up and held close. Once they are out of the womb, they seem to be floating in a huge, empty space. The startle reflex causes them to throw their arms out, feeling for their boundaries. Needless to say, this can interrupt sleep.

Much like swaddling, a sleep sack helps your baby to feel secure so that they can rest more comfortably and get the sleep they need.

Why Bamboo Rayon Sleep Sacks Are a Great Choice

Some sleep sacks, such as those from Belan.J are made with bamboo rayon. Why is this so great? As with sleep sacks themselves, bamboo rayon has several benefits, making it a perfect choice of material. Some of the benefits include:

Belan.J 1.0 TOG Sleep Bag - Bear

  • Ultra Soft

Bamboo rayon is softer than silk. Bamboo fibre has a smooth, round structure, so there are no rough elements to irritate delicate skin. As a bonus, it is also naturally anti-static.

  • Breathable

Microscopic holes in the fibre provide bamboo rayon with excellent ventilation. 

  • Great for Warm Weather

Bamboo fabric is great for regulating temperature due to its breathability and moisture wicking properties. 

  • Great for Cool Weather

The same temperature regulating properties that keep your baby cool in warm weather also help keep them warm in cool weather. It is more effective than cotton in this regard.

  • Sustainable

 Bamboo plants regenerate in 55 days and require little irrigation or pest control, making it a sustainably grown crop. This means that you are not only caring for your baby, but also the world they will be inheriting from you.

Sleep sacks are quickly becoming a must-have item for many parents. With many styles and designs to choose from, Belan.J sleep bags offer something for every little one.