Baby Summer Essentials That Every New Parent Needs

Baby Summer Essentials That Every New Parent Needs

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Store on 2022 Aug 18th

When it comes to babies, there are always essential items that should be kept on hand. Even new parents are familiar with many of them, such as diapers, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, bottles, and more. Other items may be overlooked or simply forgotten. Each season has its own challenges and comes with a list of necessities, such as warm clothing in winter.

Summertime often seems a bit easier than the colder months, as your little one doesn’t need to be bundled up in so many layers and it seems like we can get by with fewer items tucked into our baby bags, but there are still several baby summer essentials that every new parent needs to keep their little one safe, comfortable, and happy. 

Sun Hat

sun hat. It protects them, help keep them from getting too hot, and with a wide brim, can offer some protection to their eyes.

Lightweight Clothes

When it gets hot out, it is tempting to let your little ones relax in just a diaper, but if you are going out, they need to cover up against the intense sunlight. You don’t want to overdress them, but lightweight clothes made from breathable fabrics will help to protect them without causing them to overheat. You can dress your baby in a sleeveless bodysuit but keep a long-sleeved shirt at the ready just in case the temperature changes, or you can’t avoid spending time in the sun. Having a change of clothes or an extra layer is also useful when visiting friends and family who keep their air conditioning turned up high.

Short Sleeve Peplum Dress - Watercolor Polka Dots


Sunglasses on babies and toddlers are cute, but they also serve a purpose; too much exposure to UV rays can damage your baby’s eyes. Sunglasses can help protect them when it’s too bright outside.

Car Shade for Windows

UV rays can penetrate car windows, but even if they couldn’t, no one likes the bright sun shining directly in their eyes. A UV car shade can block the sunlight, keeping your little one safe.

Diono Static Sun Shade 2 Pack- Cool Shade


Sunscreen is a definite must-have for the summer, but many are filled with harmful chemicals that are not suitable for babies. Fortunately, there are some baby-safe sunscreens that are organic and mineral based. With no biologically harmful chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that you are protecting your little one in the best way possible.

Bug Spray

Being outdoors is great but being the centre of attention for every bug in the neighbourhood is not. Babies 6 months and older can be protected from bugs with Baby DEET-free insect repellent. Keep the bugs off without putting all the nasty chemicals on.

Breathable Nursing Cover

When your baby gets hungry while you are at the park, or enjoying some other summer outing, a lightweight nursing cover can come in handy. Offering protection for your little one from sun and wind, its light, breathable material allows for proper airflow to help them stay cool.

The Over Co - the Multi Use Nursing Cover - Jasper Over

Wrap Carrier

While out and about with your baby, there may be times when you need two hands. With a wrap carrier, that’s no problem. Keep them close and secure in a wrap made from sustainable bamboo fabric that is incredibly soft and which features four-way stretch. A great way to promote bonding while giving you the freedom to use both hands for other tasks.

Outdoor Blanket

There’s nothing like sitting under a tree, enjoying the shade and a cool breeze on a nice summer day. A soft, lightly padded outdoor blanket helps make things more comfortable so that you can sit and relax while watching the world go by.

Little Unicorn - 5X5 Outdoor Blanket - Midnight Poppy

Swim Diaper

If you plan on introducing your little one to the water, you don’t want any unfortunate surprises to join you in the water. With a swim diaper, water can flow through, but any solids—if they emerge—are kept in place.

The summer is a great time to bring your baby out to greet the world. There is so much to do and so much to see, while being easier to get around than in winter, but just like the cold months, certain precautions need to be taken and certain essential items should be with you to help make your time out safer and more enjoyable.

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