At What Age Can a Baby Go in a Bugaboo Seat?

At What Age Can a Baby Go in a Bugaboo Seat?

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Baby Store on 2021 Jul 26th

Strollers are pretty much an integral part of raising a baby if you want to still be able to go out. Whether you are doing some shopping, visiting friends and family, or simply getting some exercise while enjoying fresh air and sunlight, a stroller will be necessary those times when you want or need to bring your little one with you.

It can sometimes be unclear, however, when your child can graduate from a bassinet to sitting upright and you may be wondering if a stroller can be used from birth, or at what age can a baby go in a Bugaboo seat?

As with so many other things where babies are concerned, there will be some variation from child to child. But no matter what other factors you look at, the one non-negotiable about having your child use a stroller in a more upright position is that they must be able to maintain control of their head on their own. For many infants, consistent head control will be established by about 4 months of age, though premature infants may take a few weeks or months longer, dependent on birth age.

Once head control is established, you can switch to a reclined position and within several more weeks, they can go upright in their Bugaboo seat. Your own judgment can guide you here, but if you have any concerns, your health care advisor can help you determine when the most appropriate time is.

Some strollers are designed to be used right from the birth of your child. This includes all Bugaboo strollers. This allows the stroller to grow with your child from the time they arrive until they no longer want to be a passenger and prefer to walk on their own.

For most parents, the stroller will be in use almost right away and will continue to see use until the child becomes a toddler. This makes choosing a stroller that can adapt to different ages a wise investment. You will likely want one that is lightweight, but suitable for all terrains. If you are planning for more children, you may want to look for one that can accommodate multiple children.

Some things to keep in mind when looking for a stroller:

  • Your Baby’s Age. Will you be using the stroller right away with your newborn? If so, remember that for it to be suitable for your little one, they need to be able to recline fully. Convertible strollers typically allow you to use a car seat fastened to the frame.
  • Compact Fold. If you plan to be taking longer trips that require the stroller to be put in your car, be sure it has a compact fold so that it will fit in your trunk. Bugaboo strollers offer compact folds that make them easy to transport.
  • Activity Level. Are you an active parent who plans to be on the go frequently? Bugaboo has a range of sturdy, manoeuvrable strollers that can meet any activity level.
  • Stroller Weight and Size. Review the stroller’s dimensions, folded and unfolded to make sure it sill fit not only your car’s trunk but wherever you will be storing it at home. If you live in an apartment or other building that required carrying it up several stairs, the weight will become an important factor for you.
  • Handle Height. Make sure that your stroller’s handles are high enough to be used comfortably or are adjustable. You don’t want to be using it while constantly hunched over.

Wheels. Depending on your needs and usage, you may prefer larger, locked wheels, or more manoeuvrable ones that let you navigate busy city streets and shopping malls.

Of course, the most important thing when considering a stroller purchase is knowing that it will keep your little one safe. Knowing at what age can a baby go in a Bugaboo seat is important, but there are some other precautions to take as well to ensure that your little one remains secure.

  • Stability. A wider base ensures that the stroller will not tip over on those occasions when your child tries to look over the side. The stroller should also not tip backward when the child is using it in a reclined position.
  • Seatbelts. Most strollers will have a three- or five-point harness, but this is only helpful when your baby is strapped in correctly. Always take a moment to ensure that they are strapped in properly.
  • Locking Fold Mechanism. The fold mechanism must lock when in use to avoid having it accidentally collapse. Wheels should be locked, and the brake applied when remaining stationary.
  • Proper Use of The Stroller. Some parents have a habit of hanging other items on a stroller. They may hang bags over the handle when they go shopping, along with their purse. This can throw the balance off, causing the stroller to tip or be unsteady.

Keep an Eye Out. When folding or unfolding your stroller, make sure your little one is out of the way to avoid having little fingers get pinched accidentally.

Your Bugaboo stroller will help you and your little one get anywhere you need to go, whether you’re grabbing some groceries or enjoying a quiet walk together. As they grow older, they’ll gain strength and head control, making it clear when you baby is ready to travel in a Bugaboo seat.