4 Tips for getting the most out of your Baby Registry

Posted by Active Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2017 Apr 14th

We’re all familiar with and grateful for gift registries that point us in the right direction for buying that perfect gift for special occasions. Active Baby, a unique baby store on the North Shore that caters to active, outdoor-loving babies and their parents, offers a unique Baby Registry both in store and online for all new parents.

“It’s great to get ideas and make choices for baby showers or baby milestones,” says July Lu, founder and co-owner of Active Baby along with her husband, Chen.

July offers these 4 tips to parents looking to start a Baby Registry at Active Baby:

1. Bring a ‘newish’ mom along

A mom with a new baby or toddler of her own could be indispensable in advising on what pieces of equipment or clothing you’ll need.

“The mom friend should be someone who has similar tastes and lifestyle to you,” July suggests, “and someone whose judgment you trust.”

If there isn’t a new mom in your circle of friends, chat to an Active Baby Registry Consultant.

“They are experts in the products we carry,” July explains, “and they will work closely with each customer to guide them through the process to find the best items to fit their lifestyle.”

2. Start with Research

“We have so many choices that you will want to stop by the store or check our website to research whether an item will fit your lifestyle.” July says. “Car seats, for example, are very important. The hospital will not let mom and baby leave without one, so you want to start your research early.”

3. Shop online and in-store

Shopping from the comfort of your own home at Active Baby is quick and easy, and the registry is available both online and in-store. But July recommends stopping by the store to check out some items even if you prefer to order online.

“In particular,” she says, “you will want to see and feel some of the more expensive items. Strollers and carriers, for example, should be taken for a little test drive around the store to make sure they are comfortable for you.”

4. Look to the future

It’s easy to get carried away with all those cute baby products, but July suggests remembering that babies grow very quickly. What fits at birth, won’t fit after a few weeks or possibly even days. Make sure your registry items include things needed at six months and even one year, for example, a highchair, an activity gym mat, or a 2nd stage car seat, etc, so you’re ready when your baby is.

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