2018 Uppababy Vista, Cruz stroller & Mesa car seat

2018 New Uppababy Vista strollers will be available at Active Baby at the end of January. Quantity will be limited. Pre-order yours now to secure your favourite colour! Below is the colours of 2018 Vista & Cruz strollers. Which one is your favourite?

VISTA Stroller - JAKE (Black/Carbon/Black Leather)

VISTA Stroller - DENNY (Red/Silver/Black Leather)
VISTA Stroller - EMMETT (Green Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather)
VISTA Stroller - GREGORY (Blue Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather) (will be available at the end of Feb.)
VISTA Stroller - HENRY (Blue Marl/Silver/Saddle Leather)
VISTA Stroller - JORDAN (Charcoal Melange/Silver/Black Leather)
VISTA Stroller - LOIC (White/Silver/Saddle Leather)
VISTA Stroller - TAYLOR (Indigo/Silver/Saddle Leather)

Uppababy Cruz 2018 will be available at the end of March. 

CRUZ Stroller - JAKE (Black/Carbon/Black Leather)
CRUZ Stroller - TAYLOR (Indigo/Silver/Saddle Leather)
CRUZ Stroller - DENNY (Red/Silver/Black Leather)
CRUZ Stroller - JORDAN (Charcoal Melange/Silver/Black Leather)
CRUZ Stroller - EMMETT (Green Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather)
CRUZ Stroller - LOIC (White/Silver/Saddle Leather)
CRUZ Stroller - GREGORY (Blue Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather)

New colour of Mesa will be available at the end of Feb.

MESA Infant Car Seat - HENRY (Blue Marl) Wool Version
MESA Infant Car Seat - JORDAN (Charcoal Melange) Wool Version
MESA Infant Car Seat - JAKE (Black)
MESA Infant Car Seat - TAYLOR (Indigo)
MESA Infant Car Seat - DENNY (Red)

PRE-ORDER NOW either in-store or online to secure your stroller!