What are the most popular Uppababy stroller accessories?

Posted by Active BabyActive Baby Canadian Online Baby Store on 2017 Dec 26th

Learn about the top 7 most popular Uppababy stroller accessories

Strollers come with a wide selection of stroller accessories. Accessories are designed to make your life easier. Whether that is transporting an extra child or enjoying your coffee while out on a walk, all the strollers brands have accessories to help you with your daily activities mom.

Cup Holder

Enjoy your cup of java on the go with a convenient cup holder. The cup holder is one of the most popular stroller accessories simply because it attaches to the handle bar of your stroller and lets you have a convenient drink holder for your favourite beverage. View the Uppababy cup holder now or find your own strollers brands accessories.


The footmuff is perfect for keeping baby warm and comfortable on a crisp day while you are out for an errand. There are a variety of colours to choose from.  Browse through the Uppababy footmuff to see how it will conveniently fit into that stroller model.  This footmuff will help keep your baby happy while you are out and about.   

Snack tray

Kids are happier when they are fed. All kids want to be feel independent and allowing them to feed themselves is an important first step. Help your child feel fulfilled with this Uppababy snack tray.

Rumble Seat

Transport a twin baby, young sibling or friend easier with a rumble seat.  A rumble seat attaches securely to your stroller to transport your little ones.  Learn about the double strollers or the Uppababy rumble seat attaches conveniently to the Uppababy stroller frame.

Piggy Back

Add a piggy back stroller accessory to your stroller to assist the toddler in your family that is tired of walking. A preschooler loves to catch a ride on the back of the stroller while still able to jump off and fulfill their curious thoughts. The Uppababy piggy back stroller accessories are designed to fit the Uppababy strollers perfectly.View our model selections now.

A Sun Canopy is great for getting some shade from the sun

Getting out during the summertime is a great way to enjoy the warm weather with your baby.  Protect your baby from the harsh damaging UV rays that can burn their skin so quickly.  Use a breathable sun canopy for all your sunny outdoor adventures.

The Rain Cover is one of the most popular stroller accessories too

If it rains a lot where you live like those living along the Canadian western coast line then a rain cover for your stroller is a necessity.  Keep your baby warm and dry with a sturdy Uppababy rain cover

Life is great when the stroller works properly but suddenly one day you go to pull the stroller out to get ready for your outing and you find that the wheel or an important part to the stroller is broken. When the stroller is broken so is your regular routine either you have to get the car out and make a special trip to a specific stroller store. You have to change your plans to accommodate for this event.

When it comes to fixing a broken stroller, Active Baby will have the solution to fix your problem. As an authorized Bugaboo service center, you can find Bugaboo stroller accessories and advice to fix the stroller and get you back to rolling. Buy Bugaboo stroller parts online in Canada and get your stroller fixed up quick.

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