Urban Walls- Irregular Dots- Warm Grey

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Urban Walls - Irregular Dots - Warm Grey

Urban Walls Irregular Dot decals are an installation dream come true! These little babies have the power to easily jazz up space without being labor-intensive. Just peel…and stick! And because the dots themselves are irregular, the spacing doesn’t have to be perfect (unless you really want it to be). On that note, the dots are actually easy to peel off and reposition where you’d like!
Want a pro-tip? The Irregular Dot decal pack is ideal if you have any wall imperfections. Just choose how tightly or loosely you’d like the spacing between each dot to create an instant impact, erasing all those scrapes and dents!
Need help calculating how many dots you need for your space?
*The display photo may not depict the design to exact scale so please double-check the listed measurement specifications.



Irregular Dots Wall Pattern | Urbanwalls

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