FridaMom Upside Down Peri Bottle

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FridaMom upside down peri bottle is simple, portable and especially designed with moms in mind. Way better than that hospital squirt bottle, the FridaMom upside down peri bottle is designed to make postpartum healing cleaner and easier. No hand in the toilet required. No pressure on c-section soreness. Think bidet for your vajay... now that's vagic!


Suggested Use

  • Fill bottle with warm water
  • Screw cap on securely and extend nozzle firmly
  • While on toilet, invert bottle between legs and aim tip towards perineal area
  • Squeeze bottle gently and repeat as needed
  • Empty contents, let dry and collapse nozzle for storage


Care & Safety

  • Disassemble clean in warm soapy water
  • DO NOT boil
  • Let dry before storing

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