Bugaboo Cameleon 2 Rough Terrain Wheels - Set of 2

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The Bugaboo Cameleon Rough Terrain Wheels are the perfect solution for smooth riding over any type of rough terrain. These additional Cameleon wheels are designed to replace the existing swivel wheels to create extra traction with minimal slipping or catching on bumpy roads. The Bugaboo Cameleon Rough Terrain Wheels offer a much firmer hold than the swivel wheels on rough surfaces and can provide easy gripping on different surfaces such as cobblestones or icy roads. These wheels are also suitable for use at the beach or park, and everywhere in between.

Special Features:

  • Changeover of wheels is quick and easy.
  • Provides better stability on rough terrains with their non-swivel design.
  • Promotes a firmer grip on different road surfaces with their large rubber design.
  • Provides extra traction on any roads for less slipping.
  • These wheels fit the Cameleon/Frog.

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