Sleep Sacks & Sleepwear

Sleep sacks or wearable blankets are recommended for safe sleep during baby's first year. These are designed to keep baby warm through the night without the risk of a loose blanket covering their face. We carry a wide range of sleep sacks and wearable blankets & swaddles in different fabrics and thicknesses to use throughout the year. Also recommended for safe sleep are lightweight, close fitting sleepwear. Shop our selection of sleep sacks and sleepwear from some of the top brands and get ready for a good night sleep. Free shipping on order over $79.99

Get The Latest Sleep Sacks For Babies In Canada At Active Baby

Help your baby sleep better with our range of sleep sacks for babies in Canada. At Active Baby, we have merino wool clothing and merino wool sleep slacks in Canada and other types of sleeping sacks that are perfect for keeping your baby warm during the colder months of the year.


Perfect for winter, our sleep sacks will keep your baby comfortable on those extra cold nights. 


Baby sleep sacks are perfect for keeping your little one safe and warm during the winter and cool and comfortable during the summer. This means your baby is going to get a good nights sleep while staying wrapped up and comfortable. Along with baby strollers and diaper bags, bedding is another item on your list when you're shopping for your newborn.


Baby sleep safety should be high on your agenda to ensure your baby is safe and warm throughout the night. Using one of these baby sleep sacks is a good way to prevent your babies head from being covered and getting stuck under the bedding.


They're also a great way of addressing your babies safety so that they’re able to avoid becoming too hot or too cold and moving around too much throughout the night. Using a sleep sack for babies and sticking to a bedtime routine helps to keep your baby feeling cosy and secure while giving them the right signals that it's time to get to sleep.


With so many different sleep sacks on the market, you'll find some of the best baby sleep sacks available right here at Active Baby.



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