Multi-Terrain & Off-Road Strollers

Living your life off the beaten track? All-terrain strollers are designed to ride smoothly over grass and dirt as well as sidewalks and shopping malls. Typically, designed with three large wheels and a suspension system to absorb bumps and keeps baby comfortable.

Explore Our Selection Off-Road Strollers

Get the latest all terrain & off-road strollers at Active Baby. We’re proud to stock a number of different strollers that can handle different terrains.

Here we have branded strollers including Baby Jogger, Uppababy, Bugaboo, Thule and Mountain Buggy.

All these strollers are capable of handling rough terrain and can provide a much more comfortable ride for your child to enjoy. Get the best all terrain and jogging stroller at Active Baby today!

Which stroller is best for all-terrain?  

We carry a wide selection of all-terrain and off-road strollers that you can use in precarious and tricky walking, hiking, or jogging conditions. If you're looking for an all-terrain stroller, you're bound to find one of our options here to be more than suitable enough for your all-terrain needs.

Can strollers go on gravel?

Yep, you can definitely take your stroller on the gravel. However, if you’re looking for a stroller for a gravel roads, you’re going to want to use an all-terrain or off-road stroller. These are designed to be more durable while protecting your child and keeping them comfortable in rough conditions.

Can you jog with an all-terrain stroller?

Yes, you can definitely take your all-terrain stroller jogging with your child inside. These feature a durable build with enough space and comfort to provide a smooth ride for both you and your child.


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