Compact Strollers & Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight strollers are designed to take up less space in your life. These strollers have a more compact fold, are lightweight and take up less space. Whether you need something for travel or to fit in a small living space, we have a selection of compact strollers to fit your needs.

Find the Best Compact Stroller in Canada at Active Baby

Here at Active Baby we know that you need a lightweight baby stroller from time to time. That’s why we have the best lightweight stroller for toddlers and babies ready for all occasions.

Our large range of compact strollers offer a number of brands to choose from. You can choose from Bugaboo, Baby Jogger, Valco, Uppababy, and Mountain Buggy.

All exceptional lightweight travel strollers, these can help to make your day a lot easier.

These various lightweight strollers are perfect for travelling and urban living. Many of these strollers are designed to fold small enough to effortless fit into the overhead compartment on airplanes

Parents looking for the ability to easily transport their baby wherever they're going will definitely want to consider one of these lightweight strollers. Some of them even accept infant car seats,  transforming them into a convenient travel system.

Browse our collection of compact strollers today!

What is the most lightweight stroller?

There are dozens of compact and ultralightweight strollers for parents to choose from. Rather than recommending a specific one, it's a good idea to browse our selection so you can easily find the one you like with all the right features.

What stroller folds the smallest?

Most lightweight and compact strollers fold very small and the differences between them is negligible. Check the product description for specific specifications on how small these different strollers can fold.


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