Adamo Indoor Infant Swing

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Every parent knows that swinging, rocking, or swaying can calm a fussy baby, but there is more than meets the eye! Swinging stimulates the cerebellum, which helps the development of balance, hand-eye coordination, planning, and language systems, and improves the ability to establish emotional regulation. Swinging also fires up the emotionally responsive connections of the brain in the prefrontal cortex, helping us to feel calm and revitalized.

Simply put, swinging makes your child smarter and they will have less meltdowns when they hit the dreaded "terrible-twos"! We probably should have started with that?! :)

It also promotes weight gain in premature babies, and it can aid in the most difficult times such as tummy aches and teething.

Swinging has many benefits for newborns, infants and toddlers alike.

This is why the ADAMO Infant Swing was created to grow with your child!

The padded insert can be tied to the front rod, which covers up the leg holes and creates a cozy "nest" for your baby. When your child is big enough to sit up, simply open up the leg holes, fold the insert under your baby's bum and allow your baby to use the swing in a sitting position. This unique design is perfect for the time when your baby is just learning to sit up. He might be able to pull himself up for a while, but he will be able to lay back down wherever he gets tired.


It is suitable for children up to the age of 3, or up to 33lbs (15kg). 


All infant swings sold in Canada are equipped with a five-point harness.

A ceiling hook is included for suspension.

Accessories (sold separately): The ADAMO footrest provides added comfort while the ADAMO bumper can protect your baby's nose and teeth from bumping into the front rod. Add a spring for extra fun.


Bars: Untreated beech wood

Textile: 100% Cotton

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