Breast Pumps & Accessories

From manual to single and double electric, we have options for whatever your pumping needs are. Single electric or manual pumps are great for casual pumping needs whereas our double electric pump options work well for daily pumping. With trusted brands such as Medela and Haaka, you can feel confident with your pump. Needing replacement parts? We carry tubing, valves, milk collection & storage bottles/bags and more to help you maintain your breast pump. Free shipping on orders over $79.99

Breast Pumps and Breastfeed Accessories

Here at Active Baby we carry a wide range of breast pump and pumping accessories.

Breast-feeding is an important part of parenting and our range of Medela breast pumps cover all of the potential needs for breast-feeding moms.

Breast-feeding offers a lot of nutritional benefits for your baby, but we understand that you need a break sometimes. That's why breast pumps are essential and we put together a wide range of breast pumps and accessories to make things easier for you.

When it comes to encouraging lactation and expressing breastmilk for bottlefeeding, breast pumps are exactly what you need. They can also help if both parents want to participate in the feeding process and there are the ideal solution for giving mother's a break from breast feeding.

Even if you're planning on heading back to work or you're not going to be at home for extended periods of time, using a breast pump means that your little one will get all the benefits of breastmilk even if you're not there to feed them.

When it comes to choosing the best breast pump, there are both manual breast pump and electric breast pumps to choose from. Manual pumps are easy to use and let you manually control the pressure and flow. This makes it possible to build up momentum while your flow increases and many people say that they feel more natural to use. On the other hand, electric breast pumps are efficient and they're a great choice if you're planning on regularly expressing milk.

Our selection of Medela breast pumps are lightweight and portable while coming with a number of different features that help with ease of use and convenience. For the nursing process, we also carry a number of other nursing accessories including  lactation cookies, baby bottles, nursing pillows, and baby bibs. All of this will help make the breast-feeding process easier for you!

Whether you're breast-feeding at home or you're using one of our baby strollers when you're on the go, you can count on us that Active Baby to make sure we have everything you need to streamline the breast-feeding process. We even have nursing covers to make things even easier for you!

Shop breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories today!

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