Baby Bjorn - Booster Seat - White

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Easy to take with you and fits most chairs—discover our booster seat for little dinner guests!


What are the benefits of the booster seat?

Baby Bjorn seat boosts your child up to just the right height when they want to sit at the table on a “proper” chair, without needing to sit on your lap or slide around on cushions. The booster seat is easy to clean, lightweight and portable, and it fits almost all chairs.


When can my child start using the booster seat?

Baby Bjorn booster seat is suitable from the age of 3 and up.


Is the booster seat safe?

Yes, of course! Safety is extremely important to us. Baby Bjorn booster seat is made of BPA-free plastic. It rests firmly on the chair and has a rubber strip underneath for good grip. It’s also held in place by a strap with a childproof lock.



The booster seat is made from BPA-free plastic.


Product care

Wipe the booster seat with a clean, damp cloth.


Tested and safe

The booster seat complies with the ASTM 2640-17 safety standard.



14 x 14.5 x 5.6 in (35.6 x 36.8 x 14.2 cm)


Height of seat is 3.15 in (8cm)

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