Bugaboo Bee Sun Canopy Wires Set for All Model

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Bugaboo Bee³ Sun Canopy Wires Set

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The Bugaboo Sun Canopy Wires Set is a simple wire set that’s designed to be used to assemble the sun canopy on all Bugaboo Bee models. This wire set is manufactured from high quality flexible metal that promotes easy positioning and setup on the stroller with ease. These sun canopy wires are perfect for holding up the sun canopy in a secure manner to ensure minimal sun exposure on your child at all time. It’s compatible with the Bugaboo Bee 3 and Bugaboo Bee 2010 model. It comes available in a set of two wires.

Special Features:

  • Easy to install on your Bugaboo Bee strollers.
  • Compatible with the Bugaboo Bee 3 and Bugaboo Bee 2010 models.
  • Available in a set of two.
  • Manufactured from high quality metal material.

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