BOB Snack Tray - Single

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BOB Snack Tray - Single


Fits all Single BOB Strollers model years 2011 or newer, except Motion.

Easily and securely attaches to the BOB Accessory Adapter (specific to 2011 and newer BOB Strollers). No installation or hardware required.

The BOB Snack Tray features a sippy cup holder and counter sunk tray for snacks or toys.

Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is BPA Free!


Note! This tray is not compatible with 2010 and older BOB Single Strollers.


Compatibility based on BOB Stroller Serial Number:


  • BOB Rambler: U85192000001 and higher
  • 2016 Revolution PRO: U63185000001 and higher
  • 2016 Revolution FLEX 2.0: U61185000001 and higher
  • Revolution FLEX 3.0 (Legacy Logo): U97195000001 and higher
  • Revolution FLEX 3.0 (New Logo): U22194700001 and higher
  • 2016 Ironman: U57185000001 and higher
  • 2016 Sport Utility Stroller: U65185000001 and higher
  • 2016 Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller: U68185000001 and higher
  • IRONMAN 2010/2011-Sept 2015: AV000001 and higher
  • Revolution FLEX 2014-Sept 2015: EC000001 and higher, EE000001 and higher
  • Revolution PRO 2014-Sept 2015: EA000001 and higher
  • Revolution SE 2010/2011-Sept 2015: BB000001 and higher, DA000000 and higher
  • Sport Utility Stroller 2010/2011-Sept 2015: AU000001 and higher
  • Stroller Strides 2010/2011-Sept 2015: AQ000001 and higher


*Manufacture date is independent of model year. Model year is based solely on the Serial Number.

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