Oops! Wine, etc Stain Remover

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Xcentrik Oops! Wine, etc. Stain Remover

Oops! for wine stains is specifically formulated and proven effective to remove almost any wine stains:
  • Red
  • Rosé
  • White
  • Port
Plus, Oops! for wine stains is effective on both fresh and old stains.
Has an instant action and is safe on most types of fabrics.
  • on fabrics (Carpets, tablecloths etc.)
  • on skin
  • on the environment

ITS UNIQUE ''BRUSH-CAP'' quickly removes any type of stains on clothes, carpets, or any kind of fabric, in an instant. IDEAL BOTTLE SIZE; Oops! CAN BE USED ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Its special patented formula makes it a unique powerful product, useful to instantly remove stains such as wine, ink, grease, blood, food, sauces, coffee, cosmetics, and more; be they fresh stains or stains which have been there for some time.

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