BIBS Baby Glass Bottle Complete Set 225ml - Sage

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BIBS Baby Glass Bottle is made of borosilicate glass. But what does that mean? And why is borosilicate glass that much better than regular glass? Read on if you want to know why we are so very excited about this type of glass and why BIBS chose to use borosilicate glass for their baby bottle.

Advantages of Borosilicate Glass

  • Temperature- and thermal shock resistant

Borosilicate glass can endure quick temperature changes, and therefore exhibits high resistance to thermal shock. (Thermal shock is cracking because of rapid temperature change). The glass withstands freezing, microwave heating, and boiling temperatures. Borosilicate glass can go straight from a freezer to an oven without cracking. This means that you can pour boiling water into your baby bottle if you want to sanitize it, without worrying about shattering or cracking the glass, as regular glass would.

Borosilicate can withstand temperatures of up to around 170°C. This characteristic makes borosilicate glass a popular glass for baby bottles (like ours), glass cookware, lab equipment, and premium wine glasses.

  • Durable

Borosilicate glass is more durable and harder than regular glass, and therefore harder to break. It holds up against harder drops and impacts than regular glass. Note: that borosilicate glass is still glass and can of course break if subjected to sufficiently intense force.

Further, borosilicate glass will not change shape over time, discolor or fade.

  • Shatter resistant

If borosilicate glass does break it tends to crack into bigger chunks rather than shatter into small pieces. This means that it is safer and easier to clean up, and you avoid the dangerous tiny pieces of shattered razor-sharp glass all over your house.

  • Chemical and acid degradation resistant

Borosilicate glass resists chemicals and acid degradation. It is therefore safe to drink from, and you don’t need to worry about stuff seeping into your water (or in the case of our baby bottle – the milk). You do not have to worry about the bottle heating up and releasing harmful toxins into the liquid.

  • Safe and food-grade

Borosilicate glass is completely non-toxic, and as a parent, you never have to worry about chemicals leaching into their baby’s food and drinks.


  • Made of borosilicate glass which is extremely durable and heat resistant
  • Does not emit microplastics into the milk
  • Round nipple in natural rubber latex (slow flow)
  • Recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding
  • Designed with an anti-colic function
  • All parts are made of 100% safe food-grade material

The round nipple promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique when breastfeeding, since the round shape allows the sides of the tongue to elevate and cup around the nipple, just like it does during breastfeeding. This also prevents “nipple”-confusion if you are both breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle.

The nipple is equipped with an anti-colic valve, that lets out air which reduces air swallowed while feeding.

The nipple is produced from natural rubber latex. Since natural rubber latex is a natural material, color variation may occur. 

This set contains:

  • Glass bottle 225ml.
  • Cap
  • 1 nipple (slow flow)
  • Milk Lock
  • Screwcap
  • Foldable funnel

Also, the bottle comes with a foldable funnel making it easy for you to fill up the bottle fast and easily with less milk/formula waste. Lastly, our baby bottle contains a milk lock for easy and hygienic storage. It can be placed under the screwcap and cap. This makes it easy for you to take the bottle with you on the go, without having to worry about spilling the milk in your bag or the stroller.



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