Apricot & Hemp Cradle Cap Care (13719)

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Apricot, Organic Hemp seed, and an elixir of oils help to soften and loosen the dry patches on baby’s sensitive head.

Using a fine toothed comb or soft brush lightly stroke through after the oil has been applied. This scalp refiner will help to lift and gently remove the flakes. Always make sure to use a soft touch as a babies head is very delicate.


  • Apricot Kernel Oil - high in vitamin A, used for extreme dryness and irritated skin
  • Sweet Almond Oil - Softens and moisturizes
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil - anti-inflammatory, balances dry skin, helps heal skin lesions, has anti-oxidants and moisture balancing properties, natural preservative
  • Jojoba Oil - moisturizes
  • Calendula Oil - helps with inflamed skin, softens and soothes
  • Sunflower Oil - acts as a protective barrier for sensitive skins, helps to moisturize
  • Castor Oil - itching, extreme dryness, bacterial infections, age spots, stretch mark prevention
  • Roman Chamomile Oil - calm and soothes
  • Lavender Oil - relaxing calming helps with irritation
  • Neroli Oil - regenerates skin, soothes
  • Vanilla Oil - adds warmth

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