UP Kids Facemask Navy (2pk with 4 filters)

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UP Kids Facemask Navy (2pk with 4 filters)

-Fit tests were rigorously done to fit the largest range possible of children's faces and we are confident that this in addition to the spandex component will permit our masks to fit most boys and girls all the way to their teens. 

-Fabric is contains 95% soft cotton inside and out as compared to many products out there in polyester which would be much less breathable. 

-Straps are made of a superior material again maximizing comfort. 

-Safety rings at the end of the mask prevent the size adjustors from slipping off if kids play with them, thus avoiding the risk of choking on that small part. 

-Nose bridge is made of a durable plastic with rounded edges rather than a metal rod with sharp edge as with other masks that can pierce the fabric and potentially injure a child. 

-Possibility of adding the carbon activated filters included which are specially sized to fit children's masks and provide another layer of production. 

-Instructional manual included which tells the story of UP as well as proper use and care instructions for the product. 


UP pediatric center asked if they could leverage our buying power to help source for them kids washable masks. They took the lead on all fit / fabric / filtration aspects to ensure the product was the best for kids and tested the product at the UP clinic. What started out as a conversation would me being worried about what Amelia should wear back to school has pushed all of us to put our best foot forward.


UP is the top pediatric clinic for kids in Quebec and amongst the top in Canada.

Here is the website:


Up was asked by the government to join the fight against COVID-19 and the clinic was converted to a state of the art COVID center for kids.

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