Thinkbaby Sippy Conversion

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Thinkbaby Sippy Conversion Kit

Convert your thinkbaby bottles to sippy cups easily with the thinkbaby Bottle to Sippy Cup Conversion/Replacement Kit! Designed to fit you thinkbaby 5 oz, 9 oz or sippy cups, parents can easily transfom their baby bottles into sippy cups to continue on the next stage of feeding. 

The Sippy Conversion Kit is the ultimate in reusing! Instead of tossing out 8 to 16 baby bottles after use, simply transform the bottle into the award winning Sippy Cup! This not only extends the life of your baby bottles, it saves you money and eliminates excess environmetal waste. 


  • Compatible with thinkbaby 5 oz, 9 oz or sippy cups
  • Cost-saving and eco-friendly!
  • Extends life of baby bottles you own, allowing them to grow with you child

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