Stonz Rain Boots - Teal (26372)

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Stonz Rain Boots - Teal


100% true waterproof: These boots don’t have a single seam or gap for water to penetrate
Toxin free: Made with natural rubber so free of any toxins that could rub off onto your child, and safe from PVC, phthalates, lead, flame retardants and formaldehyde.

  • Toxins can harm your child at early age, so it’s important to wear non-toxic products

Warm, comfortable, and safe

  • Soft cotton lining makes the boots comfortable and warm in colder weather. Can be layered up with Stonz Rain Boot Liners for extra warmth in colder weather - wear it all year around!
  • Super flexible material so kids don’t complain about them not being comfortable
  • Non Slip Soles so that they have grip on walking, running, jumping on slippery wet terrains

Good for your child’s development

  • Zero drop heel:
    • It strengthen your feet and improves alignment/balance
    • Helps supporting the lower back and avoid future back problems

Easy to put on, take off, and clean

  • Extra wide opening so they are easy for your kids to put on themselves
  • Surface material that cleans easy on those muddy days

Safe for the planet: vegan friendly, no animal products used

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