Stonz Booties - Bird Grey/Plus Form

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Stonz Three Season Stay-On Baby Booties, for Bare Features

  • The best booties for when little feet can't fit into a big kids boot but still need protection. Perfect for babies in backpack carriers, soft carriers and strollers.

  • Find out why stars like Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and Halle Berry dress their babies in our wonderful baby booties! (Refer to size chart to find your perfect fit)

  • The most versatile booties on the market because they can be worn in fall, winter and spring - just layer up or down. Best part is they can be worn barefoot, with socks or over almost any shoe that a child may be wearing. No other bootie offers so much!

  • Go ahead and have fun because they are cold and wind resistant, with a 600D nylon upper with fleece lining and new rubberized, WATERPROOF and RECYCLABLE, non-slip soles.

  • Why these over less expensive options: easy, you get what you pay for. These booties are stylish, rugged yet soft for developing feet, safety tested, super versatile and will last a long time! Pass them on to the second/third child, give them to friends, or GO GREEN and recycle them at Designed in Canada where they know how to keep warm!

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