Qdos Adhesive Stove Guard

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Qdos Adhesive Stove Guard


This adhesive stove guard from Qdos blends beautifully with modern kitchen designs, and offers protection from both the front and sides. Adjustable from 22.5" to 38.5", it fits cooktops and most freestanding stoves. It's easy to install, and easy to disassemble for cleaning.


  • Blends with modern kitchen designs
  • Protects from both front and sides
  • Installs easily – With strong heat resistant adhesive that easily removes and leaves no residue
  • Fits cook tops and most freestanding stoves – Adjustable from 22.5” to 38.5” (57-98 cm)
  • Disassembles Easily - Take it apart in seconds for temporary removal
  • Easy to clean, simply disassemble and wash
  • Solid Strong Construction – Made from extruded anodized aluminum and heat resistant materials

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