Adjustable Stove GUARD

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Prince Lionheart Adjustable Stove Guard

Curiosity is awesome, but can be dangerous. Avoid mishaps in the kitchen by keeping little fingers away from stovetop hazards.

  • Protect your child against scalds and burns
  • Adjustable to fit all stoves and surfaces
  • Before use,the intended surface should be cleaned and thoroughly dried prior to application
  • The stove guards should be installed with a minimum distance of 1.2in (4cm) from stove burners
  • Remove the guard sections and leave only the clips installed for 24 hours to cure the adhesives
  • The color is grayish brown. Actual product color may vary from photo
  • The length of the stoveguard can be adjusted in between 24 inches (minimum) to 36 inches (maximum)

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