Nomi Highchair Gray - White Oak

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Nomi High Chair Gray- White Oak


 Next Generation High Chair

  • The Nomi High Chair is the core of the Nomi concept. It will fit your child from approximately 6 to 24 months and then into the teenage years as the Nomi Chair.
  • Around 24 months, when your child can climb in and out of the Nomi High Chair without help, remove the crotch restraint and the harness and it has now become the Nomi Chair.
  • The Nomi Chair, without the crotch restraint and harness, is also available separately for children 2 years and older.


  • The wooden stem provides strength, durability and flexibility to the highchair. The unique shape ensures that the sitting height and depth are always perfectly matched.
  • The stem is made from FSC-certified steam-bent veneer providing maximum strength and flexibility. When you adjust the height of the seat and footrest, the depth is automatically aligned thanks to the unique shape of the stem.
  • The stems are natural products and each stem is unique in its marks and character, depending on where the tree has grown and how old it is. A certain tolerance must therefore be expected between a new contrary a used chair in terms of wear, tear and patina regarding colour and shine of the tree.


  • Basic stem: A core of steam-bent beech veneer covered with oak veneer. Treated with white oil or black varnish
  • Nomi Highchair is the core of the Nomi concept. It will fit your child from approx. 2 years and into the teenage years. You can combine your Nomi Highchair with add-ons to customize it for your growing child - right from your baby's first day.
  • Nomi Mini is a restraint for children between approx. 6 - 24 months. It is easily fastened on the seat and back - and simply removed when your child no longer needs the extra support and climbs in and out of the chair without help.
  • Ergonomic design that stimulates the child's freedom of movement while providing support to arms and back
  • The restrainer is compatible with the latest safety standard
  • Seat and footrest surface material provides good support for the feet and prevents the child from sliding
  • Foot pad provides two levels of foot support and counter push, supporting an upright sitting position
  • All materials are recycable
  • Weighs only 10.8 lbs(4.9 kg) Easy to move around and hang on the table top
  • Shape of the stem ensures correct seat and footrest depth, when adjusting the height
  • Seamless adjustment without the use of tools
  • Nomi's open design makes it easy for the child to sit up and pull in towards the table supporting active sitting
  • Anti-tilt castors reduces the risk for tilt
  • TufLok screws for extra safety

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