Bugaboo Fox Stroller Custom Set

Bugaboo Fox Stroller Custom Set

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Bugaboo have a brand new stroller on the way. The BUGABOO FOX!!

The exciting new Bugaboo Fox is going to become your ultimate stroller! A cross between the ever-popular Cameleon and Buffalo strollers, the Fox is sleek and lightweight while still remaining incredibly sturdy. It was love at first sight with this stroller, and we invite you to come check it out!

A Totally Customizable Stroller Thanks to Modular Design

If you want options and the ability to customize your stroller, the Fox is the one for you, with your choice of base colour, seat fabric, sun canopy, grips, and wheel covers! Fabric comes in three tiers and price points: Core, Premium, and Signature. You are guaranteed to find the combination that you want.

With so many options, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. If so, check out the three Top Picks suggested by Bugaboo.

And because each part is separate, you can easily refresh your stroller any time you want, with different looks for each child, or even each season!

An Easy-Rolling Experience with the Bugaboo Fox!

The Fox is an easy-wheeling, nimble stroller that will impress you with how smoothly it glides along. Featuring advanced all-wheel suspension (not present on the Bugaboo Buffalo), the Fox rides easily over bumps and cracks with its large wheels, and for even rougher terrain, the Fox features a 2-wheel “beach mode”.

Cloud-like Comfort

An ergonomically-designed seat and bassinet provide your little one with the ultimate in comfort, while its generous size and pillow-top padding lets them sleep peacefully while you stroll.

The reversible seat reclines with just one hand, and also converts into the bassinet. Located high in the frame, it also allows your little one to join you at the table when you eat out. The bassinet can be used for overnight sleeping when you use the Bugaboo Stand, and the stroller’s handle bars adjust easily for the height of the parents.

More hints come in yet another teaser which says ‘Say YES! to city trips… to going off-road… to living on the 3rd floor… to your personal style… to stress-free storage… to sustainability…’
Which indicates that the new Bugaboo Fox probably has the ability like the Cameleon, Donkey and Buffalo to be able to be put into two wheel mode and be pulled upstairs.

Two front swivel wheels give the hint that this is a 4 wheel pushchair with good manoeuverability, whilst a deep basket looks great for shopping.


Lightweight & Compact

Although difficult to believe, the Bugaboo Fox is just as lightweight as the Cameleon3! The Fox weighs just under 22 lbs and can hold children up to 48.5 lbs. It’s really easy to lift and fold as well. The stroller folds up seamlessly in one-piece and can stand on its own when being stored. The unfold mechanism is intuitive as well.

Beautiful Detailing

The front wheel structure has been completely redesigned and is truly beautiful. The leather handlebar grips and belly bar covers add a very luxurious feel.


You’ll love the large, easily-accessible underseat basket with its weight capacity of 22 lbs. There are handy storage pockets built inside as well.

Why we love the Bugaboo Fox stroller

We find the new Bugaboo Fox is truly the ultimate stroller, suitable for parents everywhere. We expect it to become the #1 selling stroller this year for parents who are focused on purchasing that one single stroller that will work for them forever. We love everything about the Fox – top to bottom.

If you are looking to get the Bugaboo Fox and are confused about your options, give us a call today at 877.986.8977 and we’ll guide you through the process of how to build your very own!

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