Baby Wisp Chic Mini Latch Grosgrain Bow - Tropic

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Baby Wisp Chic Mini Latch Grosgrain Bow - Tropic

These chic and modernly styled grosgrain ribbon bows have cute little legs resting out on the sides of the bow. The main tuxedo bow rests on these extra forked ribbon ends.  Looking for a unique styled baby bow that is still adorable in its simplicity then you have found it.  Definition not for those looking for a giant cheerleader bow.  

Choose from a variety of colours (12 solid grosgrain colours!!): Nude(creamy ivory colour) , light pink, fuchsia, magenta rose bloom, red, navy, tropic aqua, lavender, wildrose, white and metal grey.   +4 polka dot grosgrain (Baby Blue, lemon yellow, lavender and light pink.  All dots are white on this ribbon)

The bow is made of grosgrain ribbon and is approximately 6 cm across and 3 cm in height.

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