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My Mayu | Muddy Munchkins Explorers Boots

MyMayu was created out of necessity: a little boy without proper boots wanted to follow his big brother in the rain. Too many puddle jumping sessions had been cut short by face-plants in the water because of clunky rubber boots that were too heavy and made him trip. There had to be a better rain boot. So we designed one and MyMayu was born. Now all kids can play in real boots, not just soft booties.

The proper gear means the freedom to wander and get dirty. Dirty kids are happy kids and happy kids mean a happy family. The proper gear also means easier clean-up and easier clean-up means happier parents. We want to make parents’ lives easier and more relaxed by making quality products that are multi-functional, ethical and reasonably priced. Outdoor gear for kids needs to fit well so that adventures are not cut short. It also needs to be easily cared for so that parents are not spending precious time cleaning up. MyMayu designs products with all of this in mind. With our gear, parents can focus on the experience of playing outside with and being a part of nature with their kids.


MyMayu boots are different from other outdoor rain and snow boots currently on the market in several ways.

?They come in sizes to fit even the earliest walker. This was intentional, as we believe all kids should be free to roam outside in the muck and water. The smallest size should fit a 9 to 12 month old child.

?The rubber sole is ultra-lightweight, yet flexible so that kids can feel the earth beneath them while being protected from the elements.

?Whereas many conventional rubber boots are only mid-calf, the upper on MyMayu boots extends up to the knee for maximum protection from muck and water, meaning cleaner, drier clothes and fewer stains.

?The dual toggle system and lightweight upper material make the boots extremely customizable to the size and shape of your child's feet and legs. It also ensures that these boots stay on!

?The elastics at the knee and ankle are encased with upper material to prevent snags while your child is playing.

?Conventional rubber boots don't close at the top, making them prone to leaking water from the top. Not MyMayu boots! The dual elastic system provides maximum protection from water ingress from the top. If they do get wet inside, they dry in minutes over a heating vent. Conventional rubber boots stay wet for days.

?The durable, yet pliable, upper was designed to fit neatly into the sole when the boots are not being worn, minimizing storage space and maximizing portability. Fold them up and tuck them in a bag or pocket and your child has boots whenever she or he needs them!

?Layered up or down with our optional fleece liners (and or a good wool sock), MyMayu boots can be worn year-round. This means parents can buy fewer pairs of shoes for their child, making MyMayu boots a great value!

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