Cot Fitted Sheet

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Little Bamboo Fitted Cot Sheet

Deliciously soft and smooth, these earth friendly sheets are perfect for your baby. More breathable than cotton, your baby will sleep in luxurious comfort on these.

  • Colour: Natural White
  • Composition: 70% Rayon made from Bamboo 30% Cotton
  • Size: 28 inches x 53 inches

Why Choose Bamboo? Bamboo Benefits:
  • Bamboo as a textile has been available for 1000s of years
  • Bamboo is a grass
  • Bedding made using bamboo was first seen through mass market chains in February of 2006 in America
  • Similar process to viscose or rayon manufacture. Invented by Samuel J Courtauld in 1906
  • Cotton as 5% the worlds crops contribute 25% the worlds pesticides
  • Cotton is one of the biggest users of water in areas of the world where there is a growing water shortage.
  • Bamboo fiber resembles cotton in its unspun form, a puffball of light and airy fibers
  • Planet benefits
  • Very renewable resource
  • pesticide-free, organically grown
  • little to no water to grow
  • plantation inhales CO2 and exhales O2 into the atmosphere

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