Qdos StayPut Corner Protectors- Gray (8pack)

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StayPut® Corner Protectors, 8 Pack

Solid inner core with shock-absorbing over mold for optimal impact protection. In order to get a strong and secure installation, the adhesive must adhere to a solid material. Many corner protectors are made from soft foam that adhesives won’t stick to. Soft isn’t always safe!


Comes in a pack of 8 so you can use one on the top and another on the bottom for complete protection on all 4 sides of a table.


BiteProof® & Choke Safe - All children chew on things! Qdos StayPut Corner Protectors are made with non-toxic food grade materials that exceed European and US bite test standards.


SecureHold® Adhesive offers a durable bond, yet by following the removal instructions, they can be removed without damaging most surfaces.

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